• Max. input torque


    Gear shift

    three forward gear, one reverse gear

    Transmission ratio

    |=137.155; II =56.954; III =22.696 R=63.817

    Shift pattern

    meshing of shift

    Brake mode

    caliper disc brake

    Oil demand

    GL-5: 85W/90齒輪油(一12℃以上使用
    GL-5: 85W/90 gear oil( above-120C)
    GL-5: 80W/90齒輪油(-26℃以上使用
    GL-5: 80W/90 gear oil(above-26`C)

    .Reduction drive for the gear box, large in output torque, meets various working conditions.
    .Reasonable in gear structure, shrinks the outline dimension of the gear box, convenient for the layout of
    the whole vehicle.
    .Caliper disc brake is adopted, large in brake torque, good in brake efficiency.
    .Simply in the vehicle manipulation, improve its reliability and service life, greatly reduces the labor intensity
    of the operator.
    .The key spare parts are from domestic famous brand, such as bearing, oil seal etc., long service life.
    .The axle and gear box is suitable for the large grain harvest machinery with 85-125 horse power, such as
    corn harvester, soybean harvester, wheat harvester, silage maize harvester etc.