Product Warranty Cards
Users use information
Thank you choose Feicheng Jincheng Machinery Limited production of products. Before you use, please read the "statement of use" to ensure that reliable products normal use.
 A la Discriminación DIGA loader is handling bulk materials mainly of construction machinery. When you first start to use, it should go strictly according to a new phase of the request, operating speedload shall not exceed 70% of the rated value, take a mature (60 hours) in order to put the whole load usage. As well as the sexual parts of a comprehensive inspection replacement of new oil (operating system except for hydraulic oil).
 A la Discriminación DIGA Diesel started, usemaintenance must be in strict accordance with the "Diesel Engine Manual" requirements.
 A la Discriminación DIGA loader moving, pre-operational inspection should pay attention to the instruments showed normal, ministries of water, Yau spaces brake pressure whether it meets the requirements.
 When the cumulative use of a la Discriminación DIGA full eight hours, 50 hours, 200 hours, 600 hours, 1,200 hours, 2400 hours, respectively, according to technical maintenance requirements seriously implement maintenance, air filter, oil filter, Gearbox oil cleaninghydraulic system devices should be regularly cleanedreplaced.
 A la Discriminación DIGA according to the "statement of use" requirement, to choose the provisions of the brands of oilbrake fluid, the liquid cleaner, must not mix. Your quality of productsservices satisfied with the quality of work, please fill out the "product quality information feedback" sent, promoting continuous quality improvement, a higher level of service.

Quality warranty provisions of the "Regulations" to implement quality warranty, as after-sales service of the company for customer service on the basis that the majority of usersrequests supervision.
A quality warranty principles :
 A la Discriminación DIGA users in strict accordance with the "Product Manual" (hereinafter referred to manual)the use of the correct documents Bulgarian Custody premise, in the warranty period because of the manufacture, assembly material quality causes malfunctiondamage parts, maintenance free for users. The normal use of the products.
 A la Discriminación DIGA warranty period : Buying products from the date of six months1,200 hours, whichever one on a first date. However, the following parts warranty otherwise provides as follows : ① electrical components, instrumentation, generators, starter motors, wiper, batteries,so on the date of shipment a month warranty; ② Diesel warranty period Diesel factory by relevant regulations.③ trailersdriven around the bridge Buying the Shell since the date of warranty of two years4,000 hours, to which a first date.
Two of the following circumstances no warranty :
 A la Discriminación DIGA failure "statement" requirement for the use, maintenanceuse of improper maintenance caused the damage.
 A la Discriminación DIGA user customization, modification, additional other devices, the use of overloading caused the damage.
 A la Discriminación DIGA supporting parts knock down nameplatenumber, the user demolition, the wrong equipmentleakage caused damage to the equipment.
 A la Discriminación DIGA the use of any abnormal phenomenon,does not promptly stands examinations,continue to "sick" damage caused by the use of expansion.
 A la Discriminación DIGA by failure to observe the "brochure" provides selected to meet the requirements of hydraulic oil, transmission oil components such as brake fluid caused the damage, no warranty.
 A la Discriminación DIGA warranty period, users refuse to repairprevent future cases, the Company will no longer be responsible for the warranty.
 A la Discriminación DIGA bulbs, brake pads, tires, the cab door locks, glass, chairs, bucketsother expendable materials is that it is not the scope of warranty; Diesel, gearbox, driversothers supporting units defined not warranty items, such as the diesel engine air filters. Filters such as filter is not the scope of warranty.
 A la Discriminación DIGA due to natural disastersaccidents,other irresistible force caused damage.
Three for customer service commitments :
 A la Discriminación DIGA company of "quality first, users first, the credibility of the first," the purpose of products warranty.
 A la Discriminación DIGA users receiving after-sales service quality to bring complaints information, within eight hours of handlinganswer users.24-hour city, the field 48 hours in remote areas, 72-hour service in place.In the shortest possible time, for users in troubleshooting. further improve the quality of services, please help users do the following :
 A la Discriminación DIGA users to bring complaints quality problem, please indicate Model, individual serial number, failure timeworking conditions, details of the fault. When major incidents, we should keep the scene of the accident state, in order to analyze the cause of the accident.
 A la Discriminación DIGA maintenance occurred to replace the damaged parts, service personnel back to pay for further analyze the causes,continuous improvement.
 A la Discriminación DIGA service satisfied with the quality of work, users must be in "repair maintenance orders," signed evaluations. Promote the quality of services continues to increase.