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The growth of the world economy can not be separated from the continued development of machinery manufacturing, machinery manufacturing industry is also always accompanied by the continuous growth of the world economy is constantly developing and changing. Estimates, global machinery manufacturing industry between 2010 and 2015 the average growth rate will be about 7.8%.

Champoux the consultation machinery industry analyst pointed out: the future, the development of machines in the world there will be three major trends were the center of gravity of the entire machinery manufacturing will be moved to Asia; competition in the global market will gather mid-market; energy saving and environmental protection will be more and more subject to the attention of users and manufacturers.

The future, China will be leading a major force in the global machinery manufacturing industry. This is mainly the reason "Twelve Five" period, China's manufacturing base will remain much higher than the developed countries generally less than 3% growth rate, will undoubtedly boost the rapid growth of China's machinery manufacturing industry in the next few years; once again, China's machinery manufacturing industry gaining the leadership of the world's machinery manufacturing industry with its huge scale advantages. Finally, both China and the EU in two different mentality machinery manufacturing technology gap is expected to continue to shrink in the coming years.

Energy saving and environmental protection is the trend in the development of construction machinery industry, machinery manufacturing and naturally can not stay out of, but as the use of clean energy, but on the whole, with the world, especially in emerging market countries increased focus on energy saving and environmental protection, machinery manufacturing to a more environmentally friendly and more low-energy emission trend is irreversible.

China also has been strong grasp of energy saving and emission reduction, China's non-road machinery emission standards is to improve year by year, the person in charge of the Energy Research Institute said, "Twelve Five" energy-saving target for the unit GDP energy consumption decreased by no more than 20% , but not less than 15%. The energy-saving products will be the inevitable trend of development of the construction machinery industry.

According to Champoux Consulting released "2011-2016 China's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery machinery manufacturing market depth research report" shows: the future, China's machinery industry has three major trends are gathered in the end, large-scale, intelligent technology.


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