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Agricultural machinery parts industry status quo
Since this century due to the implementation of the policy benefit farmers, agricultural development and farm machinery purchase subsidy, agricultural machinery industry has been rapid development. At the same time, agricultural machinery parts companies also experienced a the unusual golden period of growth, parts enterprises to enjoy the fruitful results of the rapid agricultural growth, a large number of agricultural machinery parts enterprises from scratch, from weak to strong, be fast development and progress.
1, farm machinery parts agricultural machinery industry in China
The development of farm machinery parts and components industry is an important driving force for technological progress in agricultural machinery parts to promote the development of agricultural product upgrading, promote the progress of agricultural machinery industry. The our country is currently has been established a a more complete categories, with a the means of of modern processing, market procurement in response to agile parts industry. For the host engine, hydraulic parts, axles, tires and other products, we also provide supporting services to foreign companies and foreign agricultural enterprises.
The rapid growth and development of agricultural machinery parts enterprises, to raise the level of agricultural mechanization in China, China's grain nine consecutive increase production to make a contribution.
2, agricultural machinery parts output value of rapid growth
China's agricultural machinery industry output value in 2004 was 89.58 billion yuan, an increase of 289 billion yuan in 2011, an average annual increase of 27.9%.
The prosperity of the agricultural machinery industry and ownership of a substantial increase, it also brings the rapid development of farm machinery parts industry. Its annual output value from $ 74 billion in 2004, an increase of 41.24 billion yuan in 2011. Agricultural machinery parts output during the average annual growth rate of 57%. Parts of the growth rate higher than the growth rate of agricultural machinery industry, the also indicated parts production rapid increase in the degree of specialization.
We are just a statistical annual output value of more than 20 million yuan scale enterprises, in accordance with the output value of the proportion of 60% of the parts about the host, the 2012 total output value of the national farm machinery parts should be about 180 billion yuan, has become a large-scale IDM.
In 2012, the national farm machinery parts enterprises above designated size reached 316, add 37 more than the previous year, parts enterprises accounted for 17% of the agricultural enterprises. Parts enterprises in January-September 2012 industrial output value of 32.478 billion yuan, an increase of 21.33%. Parts in 12 sub-sectors of the agricultural machinery industry output value ranked fourth.
3, agricultural machinery parts become an important part of economic growth around the
Province parts of several domestic agricultural machinery industry is also among the best. Shandong Province, parts output value accounted for 36.4% of the share of the industry, 20.3% in Henan Province, Jiangsu Province, accounting for 14.9%, the output value of the top three more than 70%. Not agricultural industrial province of Liaoning Province parts output came in fifth place in the industry. These place have been and are being the formation of there are characteristics of the, Product degree of concentration very high parts industry cluster, to the Habitat the level of the country's leading in the the aspects of of the corporate the scale and employment of the number of are, also for local economic development made a contribution to to.
4, the establishment of an effective agricultural components supporting the security system
Farm machinery is a relatively complex special machinery, the any agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises are impossible to to manufacturing various medium and low pressure parts and components itself, must be by the a large number of parts production enterprises to provide complementary products. Now our parts enterprises around the OEMs to establish a more perfect, a certain ability to innovate, outsourcing, outsourcing supporting supply system.
Foreign farm machinery brands parts and components degree of localization continuously improve the, greatly reducing the the the manufacturing cost of of the the introduction of host, improve the market competitiveness the ability to. Parts of the gradual growth of the share of domestic procurement of foreign agricultural brands, to speed up the process of localization of its products. Parts manufacturing and sales of foreign-funded enterprises brand, good to enhance the international competitiveness of the domestic parts enterprises.
Procurement of foreign-funded enterprises in China, but also help parts enterprises to quickly improve management capabilities, quality control, product and technological progress, social responsibility and sublimation.
5, agricultural machinery parts and components exports have been strong
More and more parts enterprises began to get involved in foreign markets, to the implementation of the international development strategy. Foreign companies in the domestic investment is also increasing, and 15 foreign agricultural machinery parts enterprises, the output value accounted for 12.6% of the industry. The National Machinery Industry thirteen industry in the first half of this year, the eleven industry's export growth has come down, farm machinery parts export growth unabated, 1-9 months, parts and components export delivery value increased by 27.48%. Farm machinery parts 2004 export delivery value of only 1.4 billion, export delivery value of 1.24 billion yuan in 2011, up to 98% on average year-on-year growth, exports of 120 countries and regions.
6, a number of effective, large-scale agricultural machinery parts enterprises to become the industry leader
Of China's agricultural machinery parts enterprises, the majority of is start with the OEMs to obtain production orders, the collaboration of production, to able to the entrepreneurship and start; in the the after the to expand of an enterprise-to-production capacity, and then the more Zhuji Chang transfer technologies, and supporting products; further and began to study the and the development of new agricultural machinery parts and nurturing and to boost host enterprise product upgrades. Therefore, agricultural machinery parts enterprises that benefit the the host rapid development of enterprises, and contributed to the development of the host enterprise.
China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association this year through the recommendations and reviews, equipment and technology companies, 23 companies grant to create a "Chinese agricultural machinery parts leading enterprises" title. The parts leading enterprises on behalf of the advanced level of the industry and development achievements.
China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association to encourage and support leading enterprises bigger and stronger, we will be focusing on cultivating a number of influential core enterprise, to support the competitiveness of large and medium-sized enterprises, and through them to lead the healthy development of the parts industry.
Second, China's agricultural machinery parts and components industry is characterized by
1, compared with the host the relatively slow development of farm machinery parts.
Development process of China's agricultural machinery industry, often the host pulling parts, parts enterprises bigger, and soon into the hosting industry.
On the purchase of agricultural products, the implementation of more than 30% of financial subsidies, the implementation of the preferential tax rate of 13% VAT for agricultural producers, agricultural wholesale and retail enterprises are exempted from VAT. Farm machinery parts enterprises that can not enjoy the financial subsidy, there is no tax breaks. Thus, both foreign and domestic capital investment is relatively weak parts.
Parts sales tax incentives, meager profits and fees work effort, distribution companies do not want to host in the sales agent sales of spare parts, agricultural machinery parts Portability and compared to host a wide gap between.
The parts and components industry is particularly the lack of there are one of the biggest, there are the of large enterprises of the competitiveness of, the the output value of of the large enterprises accounted for only for 4.8% of the the total output value of of industry.
2, agricultural machinery parts enterprises "three guarantees service and social responsibility.
China is underdeveloped agricultural country, the Government attach importance to the protection of the interests of agricultural producers. Among them, an important measure is the legislative management of agricultural "three guarantees".
The agricultural host enterprise strong comprehensive strength, distribution companies, maintenance service enterprises is relatively weak, "three guarantees" or host companies themselves. As a result, the for the host for supporting of the parts enterprises we need to have direct participate in the the after-sales service of the summer harvest, the Autumn Harvest and other laborers at the end of the season so, assumed the very arduous three packs of service work. The after-sales service of the parts enterprises the ability to become its competitive an important means of, this is the the the the particularity of of the China agricultural machinery parts enterprises. Parts enterprises and host enterprise well together to fulfill their social responsibility.
3, Agriaffaires - Facebook Agriaffaires - Twitter Used farm parts and components in order to the, small and medium-sized micro-enterprises-based.
Statistics show that the parts industry, large enterprises 2, 22 medium-sized enterprises, 292 small businesses, small businesses accounted for 92.35%. The average value of the parts enterprises above designated size in 2011 was 1.48 billion. Obvious parts enterprises in more than 90% annual output value of 20 million yuan, is very fragmented, anti-business risk capacity is obviously insufficient.
The the type of of the of agricultural machinery products is very is multi-, the difference of the product is large, the of the product batch of the a single species is are not large. A wide range of agricultural machinery spare parts, small batch, less generic parts, and the resulting difficult to expand the size of the farm machinery parts enterprises. Agricultural machinery parts enterprises must follow the specialization, the road of scientific and technological development, adhere to the development of specialized, sophisticated, special mode, in order to improve enterprise competitiveness.
Third, the Chinese agricultural machinery parts Problems
1, parts enterprises in research and innovation is not strong.
Farm machinery parts technology first foreign parts enterprises continue to provide new technology to promote the development of the host. While the the research and development capabilities of the domestic parts enterprises is are generally weak in, and many enterprises is similar to the the "processing workshop" of the host enterprises, effort is mainly used for to to meet the the the established the requirements of of the of OEMs, that there is no the ability to do of with the host synchronous development of.
The company's market share of domestic parts and manufacturing capabilities also more concentrated in the low-end products, the widespread lack of independent brands and component technology development is weak. Hydraulic drive components, power shift transmission, electronically controlled hydraulic lifting, large corner front axle, electronic control systems and components and other high-end key components can not be market-oriented, is a bottleneck for the whole innovation.
This pattern does not change, it is difficult to reverse the weak position of our parts.
2, the of the liquidity of the parts and components ability is poor, affect the the interests of all parties.
The troika pulling farm machinery parts industry growth, host companies supporting the market, the second is the after-sales service market, export export market.
At present, domestic parts enterprises is mainly is to do the the supply of and Suppliers for of the host enterprises, supporting a strong ability, but the the ability to sell of the services market is lack of. Parts for after-sales service many of them are family workshop enterprise in the production of quality parts can not be provided for the grass-roots users.
Due to low agricultural machinery market holdings, the majority concentrated in the transportation, logistics underdeveloped rural and mountainous areas, agricultural "4S shop", after-sales maintenance, the parts professional market and other social service resources is a serious lack of intermediary service capacity is weak, the market circulation, which brings a lot of problems to the agricultural machinery parts and components industry standard operation.
The automotive parts and components can be through the the the the specialization the wholesale and retail of market and the "4S" shop arrive at the end-users. Agricultural machinery parts roadside repair small factory or store operations, circulation disorder. Formal parts can not be reached easily, a large number of counterfeit parts into the primary market have done great harm, that harm the farmers, it also undermines the parts enterprises.
In recent years, the relevant departments to increase agricultural market standardization governance and anti-counterfeiting of agricultural products, but this is a temporary solution. We urge the government to pay attention to and support the survival and development of agricultural machinery parts enterprises to enter the market policy and other aspects of the formal parts support.
3, the the quality of the of the farm machinery parts and components needs to be improved
The level of domestic agricultural technology and advanced countries in the world than there are still gaps, the most prominent difference is the quality of agricultural products. Root-knot lies in our manufacturing tools and equipment capability is not strong, the quality of the parts is difficult to meet international standards. Tape short life spill, hydraulic parts, engine reliability and poor have always been perplexed by the industry, the the domestic combine harvester mean time between failures generally up to 70 hours less than the national requirements, and only one-third of similar foreign products from One of the stars. Cotton picker head, knotted, automatic transmission parts, we are unable to domestic production.
A long time, the pass rate of agricultural machinery spare parts in the field of agricultural production has been in hovering between 60% -70%, the circulation of agricultural machinery spare parts quality problems more serious. The quality of farm machinery parts affect the performance or affect the user's personal and property safety.
The consistency of of parts and components is poor, with the parts and components the industry standard for missing have a great relationship, must quickly formulate and perfect the the the standard of the the main parts and components.
4, the parts and components industry profit-making the ability to is is not strong.
China's current agricultural mostly low-end, inexpensive products, for supporting parts are mostly high value-added products, which determines the majority of parts enterprises is to maintain in operating profit. The the the Main gross profit in of of the national agricultural machinery parts enterprises in the first half of of this year only 6.4%.
As the host of a price war frequently staged, the cost pressure has also been transferred to the parts links. The host corporate funds to subsidize the settlement formed underwritten the cost of after-sales service fees over the same will be passed on to the supplier. Parts enterprises seriously manufacturing costs rise and OEMs compressed the dual pressures of procurement costs, and enterprise has generally worrying. Parts enterprises always want to control and reduce costs as an important task.
Fourth, the development of China's agricultural machinery parts industry
1, the future is the golden years of the rapid development of China's agricultural machinery parts.
At present, China is from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, traditional agriculture machinery to modern agricultural equipment upgrade process, are trying from the growth of agricultural production as the agricultural equipment manufacturing powerhouse.
China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association predicted that the future will be the development of agricultural machinery industry and a golden decade. For parts enterprises to to achieve leapfrog development,, the the the rapid development of of the agricultural machinery industry has brought unprecedented market opportunities and development space.
Farm machinery parts and components production enterprises off-host enterprises and the formation of of the Group of specialized parts and components, is becoming a the trend of globalization. Domestic agricultural cooperatives, the rise of the large agricultural market, will boost after-sales service parts distribution and sales. The demand will drive the market and property boom.
We believe that China's agricultural machinery parts industry has been the combination of considerable foundation, the whole industry from quantitative to qualitative trend has become more evident from the lower stages of the transition to a more advanced stage. In the agricultural machinery golden period of development, the parts enterprises will be promising, should seize the opportunity to rapid development of.
2, increase the the the R & D of the the core components of the, enhance the independent innovation and core competitiveness.
Powerful parts of the support, it is difficult to form an agricultural powerhouse.
The Ministry of the nine key components in the agricultural machinery industry development plan "as a key development projects, given the same attention and expectations of spare parts.
Parts enterprises to take the initiative to participate in the OEM product development, the host corporate R & D and manufacturing of key components, the introduction of technology, technological innovation, financing and mergers and reorganization to support and nurture, help parts enterprises to continuously enhance the innovation capability and core competitiveness, and thus to improve and strengthen their support system.
3, speed up industrial upgrading of the industry, improve manufacturing capacity and level of equipment.
China's agricultural machinery industry has entered a new stage of development. In the next decade, the agricultural product structure optimization and upgrading of the accelerated pace, efficient, diverse, and the acceleration of the process of intellectual development, the development of parts and components industry has put forward higher requirements, the key components are facing a comprehensive upgrade of the demand.
Compared with developed countries, the domestic parts enterprises has a larger gap, mainly in manufacturing efficiency and product consistency. With the loss of domestic low-cost human resources, production efficiency is not high, you can not get the basic profit. Can not enhance and ensure the consistency of the parts manufacturing, the reliability of the host can not be guaranteed.
To enhance parts manufacturing and product quality, we must increase the intensity of technological transformation of enterprises, improve production conditions. Widely used digital manufacturing technology and equipment, improve the the agricultural manufacturing process and equipment level. You want to apply flexible manufacturing, agile manufacturing, optimization of mixed - model assembly and and other advanced production organization mode, low-cost precise in the manufacture. To speed up the new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, manufacture of key components.
4, to improve the the parts matching supply capacity and service levels.
At present, the the domestic of agricultural machinery products homogenization of, the competition in the low-the price of is very intense, the attendant will be the the compete for and monopolistic competition of the the host business-to-the matching system of the. The host enterprise on the the requirements of the qualification of suppliers, the threshold of will be increasingly high, and constantly adjust their own core strategic supplier system. Close zero the whole pattern of relationships between the host enterprises and parts enterprises has been widely recognized by the market. To this end, the parts enterprises as soon as possible to improve their supporting ability and sense of service.
With the improvement of agricultural holdings to improve and farm machinery service professional level, the demand for aftermarket parts will have a larger growth, after-sales service will gradually become an important output value, profits new markets will become attractive. Parts enterprises in the main supporting the market at the same time, attention should be paid to the agricultural aftermarket.
5, to speed up access to the international agricultural machinery parts procurement system.
The level of internationalization of of the China agricultural machinery parts enterprises is generally low, but also a some of the of the native Taiwanese with the there are the strength of the of countersunk enterprise head, the the domestic market, does not Concerned about the the the international market, on the may lose the the a great opportunity to brought about by by the cross-border farm machinery large enterprises global procurement.
Parts manufacturers to keep pace with the development trend of cross-border procurement, and enhance international communication skills, efforts to expand exports, improve the added value of export products. To establish a stable partnership with the global OEMs, as an important member of the matching system from the global sourcing market study and absorb the advanced enterprise management and manufacturing technology.
6, to play the role of industry associations to promote the overall progress of the industry.
Compared with the host enterprises, agricultural machinery parts enterprises has been in more dispersed and secondary position, the lack of interaction and communication.
China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association parts and components Branch of you want to take the lead in to speed up the the organizations to develop farm machinery parts and components national standards, industry standards and technical specifications. To organize enterprises to carry out various forms of international economic exchange activities to help enterprises to expand the international market. To organize enterprises to carry out credit building, cultivating its own brand parts industry. Through strong advocacy and support leading enterprises of agricultural machinery parts, improve the status of the industry.
We believe that farm machinery parts enterprises in China's agricultural machinery industry will be increasingly high, the strength will become increasingly strong, the contribution will be growing.


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